About Us

We've been experts in fibreglass manufacturing for almost 50 years. We now service Victoria, New South Wales, and South Australia with over 20 dealers.

Fibreglass pools are only ever going to be as good as the moulds used to make them so we spend many months to achieve our high-quality moulds – putting poorly made swimming pools into the ground only disguises flaws for a short time and unfortunately the problems are not usually obvious to the untrained eye of unsuspecting customers.

Peter Winch

Our Difference

Value for money

When you are buying a Conquest Pool, you are buying from the major Victorian manufacturer and saving interstate freight.

25 Year Structural Warranty

We take pride in the quality of our pools, and we back it up with a 25 year structural warranty.​

Over 50 Different Designs

We boast over 50 different styles and sizes so you can be sure you'll find your dream pool with us. All our pools can be made in a wide range of colours to suit your taste.​


History of Conquest

We first made summer dreams come alive with the creation and development of the “Shepiro” Craft range of speed boats, of which we built over 600. Since 1995, we have designed & developed a range of Luxury 12 berth ocean catamarans in both a sail & motor cruiser version under the Conquest Marine division. Building to the harshest climatic conditions on this planet, the open sea, in conjunction with the extremely stringent survey standards of the Australian Marine Boards, Conquest Industries has proved itself a leader in fibreglass manufacture.

Applying our knowledge to pools

By reversing our technology in 2003 with the addition of swimming pools – in that we now also keep water in a pool as well as out of boats – we have been able to combine some long used marine technologies into pool manufacture and have ultimately improved the end product to you. The confidence we have in our pool manufacture is testimony to the 25 year structural warranty issued with every Conquest pool.