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Frequently Asked Questions

Fibreglass pools are made from a mould, so you’ll need to select from a range of moulds. There can be slight modifications (i.e. wet deck, infinity edge) made but not a complete change of shape. At Conquest Pools, we have over 40 moulds. We have pools from 4 metres to over 14 metres in all shapes and sizes, in all orientations. There is something to fit most backyards.

Depth is determined by the design and size of the pool that you choose. Because fibreglass pools come off a mould with a predetermined depth, and that depth is determined off a laser gradient which is designed so that you can stand.
Some pools have a fully contained spa as part of the pool, but any spa that we offer can be attached as a standalone using the same filtration system, or it can have a spillover effect into the pool using the same filtration system. Any Conquest Pool can have the “spa effect” which means we can install the spa jets to any of the areas of the pool, without necessarily going to the expense of adding a complete spa. This might be very important if you are space limited. We manufacture this effect into the pool, to have an air blower it would be needed to order prior to manufacture. We do not drill through the core of the fibreglass into an addon airbox. The airbox is manufactured in such a way that the holes drilled into it never communicate with the main structural layers of the fibreglass pools, which means the main pool will never have any chance of getting osmosis, in your Conquest Pools.

All Conquest Pools are made exceeding Australian standards. While thickness is an important factor to the structural strength of a fibreglass pool, Conquest pools are made with unadulterated resin and fibreglass. We do not use any bulking agents which thicken the pool shell and inevitably weaken the structural strength of the pool shell.