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We've been experts in fibreglass manufacturing for almost 50 years. Read below to find information on the quality of our pools.

Quality of Raw Materials

The materials we select are selected without compromise. Polycor® gelcoats are marine grade isophthalic/NPG chemistry, our vinyl ester resin is pure Bisphenol-A vinyl ester, our structural laminate resin is exactly that – purposely formulated structural resin and our sealing cream coat is applied thick and generous.

Courtesy of our own high standards, Conquest exceed the stringent requirements of the Australian Standard. AS1838:1994: Swimming Pools – Premoulded fibre-reinforced plastics design and fabrication.

Laminate Test Results conducted independantly by the University of South Queensland

FRP Laminate Conquest Pool Sample
Competitor Ceramic Composite Laminate
% Variation

What Does This Mean?

An engineering examination of both these laminates indicates that both laminates are suitable for in-ground swimming pools with correct installation.


However, clearly any statement that suggests the “ceramic” laminate is stronger is incorrect.  Even though the ceramic laminate is 2.0mm thicker, the properties of the standard FRP laminate exceed the ceramic laminate in all test areas.

Conquest Pools have:

19.7% Better Mean Average Load

The FRP laminate showed that the mean average load for the test was 19.7% higher than a competitor's ceramic laminate.

53.8% Better Tensile Strength

The tensile result of the FRP laminate was 53.8% higher than a competitor's ceramic laminate.

19.8% Better Stiffness

The FRP laminate has 19.8% higher result in stiffness than a competitor's ceramic laminate, this is the impact factor.

26.5% Better Flexural Property

Flexural – this property in the FRP laminate is 26.5% higher than the ceramic laminate.

1. Both laminates are suitable for in ground FRP pools with correct installation and backfilling.

2. Standard Deviation – all are within variance of 10% meaning that the tests on all laminate samples were correctly conducted and there was no individual sample that unfairly influenced the result.

3. Laminate Test Results conducted independantly by the University of South Queensland

No Stacked Transport

We’re the only pool manufacturer in Victoria to only transport one pool at a time on the truck. This prevents micro-cracks from forming in the fibreglass and also allows us to pre-plumb the pools before we place them into the ground.


The advantages to this method:

  • Durable plumbing due to the plumbing being fibreglassed to the pool itself
  • Prevention of micro-cracks due to transport


Our transport method allows us to fix the plumbing to the pool before transport.