Register Your Warranty

Congratulations on your recent purchase of a Conquest Pools product! To register your product for warranty purposes, please fill out the form below.

This warranty is backed by over 50 years of expertise in fibreglass production.

Conquest Industries Pty. Ltd. / Conquest pools uses only quality fibreglass products, ensuring your pool has been manufactured in compliance with Australian Standard 1838/1994 – Swimming Pools Fibreglass Reinforced – Design and Fabricate.


The pool has also been constructed in accordance with:

  • The engineering specifications and requirements of Len Price & Associates Pty. Ltd.
  • Consulting Engineers and SJE Engineering.
  • Requirements of the Pool and Spa Association of Australia (S.P.A.S.A.).

Conditions of Warranty

This is to certify that the Conquest Fibreglass Pool is guaranteed for a 25-year structural warranty on the pool shell commencing from the date of installation albeit the installation has been completed by an installer who is fully supported with a current builders licence (Swimming Pool Installations), and was in accordance with AS1839/1994 and to Conquest Pools engineering specifications. This warranty is subject to the conditions set out below in that the pool will remain structurally sound and capable of holding chemically treated water appropriate in a swimming pool for 25 years and will only cover costs directly related to the shell either by repairs or replacement. Conquest Industries Pty. Ltd. will not be held responsible for water replacement.

Conditions of warranty:

  • Replacement or repair will remain at the discretion of the manufacturer after due consideration with regard to installation and maintenance of the pool and water – pH balance maintained at 7.2 – 7.4
  • The warranty is limited to the repair or replacement of the shell only.
  • The warranty excludes damage due to fire, earthquake, storm or similar cause.
  • This warranty excludes damage or discolouration of the top coping if left exposed to the natural elements after installation and uncovered by protective coping pavers.
  • The treated water should be chemically balanced within appropriate levels for a swimming pool and in accordance with monthly testing results – keeping accurate records is essential.
  • Pool temperature should not exceed 28°C using solar, gas or other intrduced forms of heating. 
  • The introduction of foreign materials into the pool that will cause damage – example: any metal that will cause both surface erosion and/or rust will render this warranty void.
  • This warranty is offered to the original purchaser of the pool who must assume responsibility for correct maintenance procedures. Negligence of maintenance procedures may void warranty.
  • This warranty must be considered void if the property at which the pool is installed is sold or leased.
  • Any attempt to relocate the pool from the original installation site will render the warranty void.
  • Failure to pay in full tor the pool and/or installation or agreed surrounding works will render the warranty void.