How we install Conquest Pool swimming pools

How we install Conquest Pool swimming pools
Take a look at the exact process behind installing one of our fibreglass pools
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Table of Contents

Our passion is installing swimming pools.

Our fantastic range of fibreglass pools shapes and sizes allows you to select the right swimming pool to suit your home. Landscaped surrounds, benches, sun ledges and water features are a compliment for swimming pools.

Installation of your swimming pool can be a pleasant experience. Our project managers and office staff have the know how and the skills to make your project run smoothly and painlessly. Your job will be well thought out before we start working, and all details discussed. Organization and communication will continue throughout the project.

Survey the property for the Swimming Pool

Surveying your property before installation of swimming pools, we check access to the pool site so that we can manoeuvre our equipment onto the block.

We check fences, trees or tree stumps, sprinklers and utilities.

We need a clear, unobstructed path between the road and the swimming pool site.

Lay the Swimming Pool Pattern

Next we lay the swimming pool pattern down where you want the fibreglass pool installed. This will enable you to actually see the pool on the property and make sure you are happy with the size, shape and location. Access to the yard, filter equipment location, any issues etc. will all be assessed.

This visit is very important to ensure that all will proceed smoothly when we arrive at your home with heavy equipment to start the excavation.

Excavate the Swimming Pool Hole

On the day of the excavation please make sure there are no cars parked in front of your home and if we are using your driveway as access, keep that accessible as well. This will ensure the installation of your swimming pool will start without delays. We will meet the excavator there and stay until they actually start digging to make sure everything is being done according to plan.

Excavations can usually be completed in one day. Large fibreglass pools or jobs requiring re-handling of dirt can take longer.

Double check Laser Measurements for the Swimming Pool

We always double check measurements for your fibreglass pool to make sure that all swimming pools are positioned correctly the property.

Swimming Pool Trench to the Pump Station for Pipes

We dig a trench along side the swimming pool to the pump station for the pipes.

Crane the Swimming Pool into Position

Using our crane we maneouvre your fibreglass pool into position, carefully planned.

Lower Swimming pool into prepared base

Swimming pools are carefully lowered into the prepared base.

Final Swimming Pool Position Adjustments

Final adjustments are made to the swimming pools position in the ground.

Backfill the Swimming Pool

After the plumbing work is completed, dirt will be backfilled around the pool. Backfilling swimming pools generally takes about 4 hours depending on the size of the pool.

Fill the Swimming Pool and Finish Back Filling

When we finish backfilling swimming pools this is where the kids can help. At this stage, we check for leaks in the fibreglass pool.

Installation of the Concrete Structural Bond Beam

Finished pool with paving.

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